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greater impact on the
communities they serve.

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We need money to fund
our mission.

We all know during these times that it’s even
harder to fundraise through securing government funding,
public/private grants, and individual donors.

We need more money so that we
can serve more people.

You need a team that is connected to the mission but they also need to be on board doing their part.

 Often it’s hard to keep those serving engaged because 
 they are distracted by other commitments. 

We need help keeping them FOCUSED and ENGAGED with the mission.

I feel like I’m always stuck in
this office doing all the
paperwork and not able to
go out into the community
to be face to face with those
that we serve.

I have to get from
behind this desk and
 in front of my 

That’s why we created 
NonProfit CEO


It is perfect for NonProfit leaders no matter what
areas they serve within the organization. The goal is to
EQUIP these NonProfit leaders with the skills to
recruit confident staff.

We work hand-in-hand with leaders to
improve marketing efforts to ensure the
brand messaging attracts donors,
volunteers, and other potential
community partners. 

You will learn to maximize tools and
resources so you are spending less time
in the office and more time being the
face of the organization within the

Lastly, we assist with
creating long-term
strategies to increase your
organization’s revenue.

Here are  the benefits  you can expect
to receive when you join the NonProfit
CEO Network Members:

Access to the VIDEO VAULT for the 2021 Summit
Access to the monthly CEO Roundtable
Access to Quarterly Bootcamps
Access to our private Facebook Community
Access to the Speaker/Coach/Trainer Directory
Access to the Giving Tuesday Fundraising Toolkit
Featured highlight as a Network Partner in an Eblast
Discounted VIP Access to the 2022 Annual NonProit CEO Summit
Discounts with Affiliate Partners
Access to the On-Demand Replay of the Masterclasses,
Bootcamps, & Roundtables (when available)

Real Results

take real action,

 Check out what Charlotte said 

Having worked with Tiffany Bell in our local non-profit crisis
pregnancy center for nearly 14 years, I can testify to how
valuable she is as a leader and director.

Her unwavering dedication and exemplary level of
professionalism is to be admired. Tiffany strives to see others
succeed in every area---not just in business---and is an
excellent motivator in helping them reach new heights.

I most respect and admire her for her bold character,
authenticity, and a strong sense of morals. It is always a
privilege and honor to work under her leadership. 

Charlotte Gunn

Women's Resource Center

Real Results

take real action,

   Check out what Cristina said   

I'm thankful for the time that we worked together.

Tiffany's leadership skills, passion, and dedication in
everything that she does is inspiring.

Tiffany is more than a leader; she is a mentor. During our
time together, I've learned so much about improving my
leadership skills and how to love and care for people no
matter what.

Cristina Yanes

Sav-A-Life of the Mississippi
Gulf Coast, Inc.

Real Results

take real action,

     Check out what Sandra said     

I met Tiffany after becoming Interim Director at Sav-a-Life
Pregnancy Support Services in March 2020. When I reached
out to her she was very willing to come to me and give me
the guidance, direction, and support I so needed in this
new position.

Tiffany is very dedicated to helping, encouraging, and
supporting others with a caring, kind and positive attitude.
She never doubted my ability and encouraged me not
to doubt myself


Executive Director
Sav-A-Life of Picayune,

I’m ready to join the
NonProfit CEO Network!

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Message From
The Founder

When I first started in the non-profit sector, I had no clue the
challenges that awaited me. I had all this passion and ideas, but with
each day I found myself questioning whether I could withstand
the onslaught of daily problems.

I persevered, I evolved but more importantly I didn’t quit, and that
is the reason that I created the Non-Profit CEO Network, a place
where we could be each other cheerleaders, share ideas, and
more importantly Build Non-Profits That Will Change The World

You are not just a Non-Profit CEO you are a world changer, a
world-beater and I am proud to share this journey with you, my
name is Tiffany Bell and I’m here to celebrate and elevate the
Non-Profit CEO in you.
  Believe in your mission, Step into your  
  purpose, & Change the world  

Tiffany D. Bell

Make a Bigger Impact
on Your Community
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